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Information related to political affairs that have an impact on Bolivia’s economic development.

Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant in El Alto will cost $14.8 mn

The construction project of the Tacachira Wastewater Treatment Plant, in the 7th district of El Alto, will have an investment of Bs. 103.1 million ($14.8 mn), of which CAF finances bs 78.9 million ($11.37 mn), the participation of the Municipal Government of El Alto will be of Bs 23 million ($3.3 mn), and the state water company EPSAS will contribute Bs1.2 million ($172,414).

Government lowers minimum bank portfolio for productive loans

Through Supreme Decree 4164 of February 27, 2020, the Government decided to lower the minimum portfolio levels that multiple banks must maintain for productive and social interest housing loans, from 60% to 50% of their loans and ordered SME banks to lower to 40% the minimum portfolio for loans to small, medium and micro-enterprises.

New Bolivian cargo of 10,679 tons arrives at the port of Ilo

The Bolivian Port Services Administration (ASP-B) reported Thursday that a new Bolivian shipment of 10,679 tons of construction material arrived at the Peruvian port of Ilo in recent days onboard the ship Navios Soleil. It is the first shipment scheduled for this year. Bolivia plans to mobilize more than 100,000 tons of cargo through the port of Ilo, to consolidate this maritime terminal as a real alternative to Bolivian foreign trade.

$50 mn trust to benefit forestry sector

A $50 million trust has been created to support the forestry sector in Bolivia. The Government and the Bolivian Forestry Chamber (CFB) signed a cooperation agreement to allow the forestry sector to access international markets. The project contemplates $12 million for international customers of timber producers, under the modality of credit, with low interest during the next five years.

Bolivia to review $351mn nuclear centre construction project

Bolivia’s Nuclear Energy Agency (ABEN), halted the construction of the Nuclear Development Research Center of El Alto, until the Legislative Assembly and the Office of the Attorney General, which have initiated audits of the project, are committed about it. Bolivia has already paid $351 million for the project. Russia’s Rusatom Overseas is in charge of the project.