46% of the burned area in Santa Cruz is forest

Forty-six per cent of the 1,419,000 hectares affected by forest fires are forests, which represents significant damage due to the impact on biodiversity. Within this framework, the Government of Santa Cruz reiterated the request to the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (PLA) to repeal Law 741, which extends logging from 5 to 20 hectares without the need for authorization to clear.

Fires down to 28, but average weekly outbreaks double that of 2019

Although forest fires have dropped by approximately 50 per cent in the last week to 28, the average daily number of hot spots (smaller events) is 135 per cent higher than the average for the same period in 2019 due to climate and human intervention. Although there is a decreasing trend of fires due to the rains that have been falling since last week, the affectation reaches an area of more than 1.8 million hectares nationwide.

Active fires in Bolivia are reduced by 50%

Active forest fires in Bolivia are down by at least 50% from last week. Santa Cruz, with 34 active fires, continues to be the most affected region, followed by Chuquisaca where five fires persist. La Paz and Beni have one. The area affected by the fire exceeds 1.8 million hectares. The Government of Santa Cruz updated the data and mentioned that there are 36 active fires, and seven of these are reactivations.

Bolivia election: Exit polls suggest win for Luis Arce with more than 50%

Exit polls suggest socialist candidate Luis Arce, an ally of former President Evo Morales, is set to win Bolivia's presidential election. Exit polls carried out by the Jubileo research institution gave Luis Arce of the Mas party 53% of the votes, followed by centrist candidate Carlos Mesa of the Citizens' Community alliance with 30.8%. A quick-count by pollsters Ciesmori suggested Mr Arce had won with 52.4%, trailed by Mr Mesa with 31.5%.

More than 1.8 mn has affected by wildfires in La Paz

More than 1.8 million hectares in the Madidi and Apolobamba national parks, in the north of La Paz, are consumed by fires. The Government will use a Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter, that arrived last night in Santa Cruz, to fight the wildfires. The situation is getting worse all across the country, with fires reported in the Guarani communities of Machareti in Chuquisaca, as well as in Tarija's Chaco region and in Iténez Park in Beni.

Fires reach eight departments and burn 1.7 million hectares

Despite the increase in activities aimed at controlling forest fires and the declaration of national disaster, the fire is spreading through eight of the nine departments, affecting 1.7 million hectares. In Santa Cruz, there are cattle at risk. Thirty-three per cent of the fires are in forests, a situation that increases the negative consequences for biodiversity.