Category: Public policy

Information related to political affairs that have an impact on Bolivia’s economic development.

$50 mn trust to benefit forestry sector

A $50 million trust has been created to support the forestry sector in Bolivia. The Government and the Bolivian Forestry Chamber (CFB) signed a cooperation agreement to allow the forestry sector to access international markets. The project contemplates $12 million for international customers of timber producers, under the modality of credit, with low interest during the next five years.

Bolivia to review $351mn nuclear centre construction project

Bolivia’s Nuclear Energy Agency (ABEN), halted the construction of the Nuclear Development Research Center of El Alto, until the Legislative Assembly and the Office of the Attorney General, which have initiated audits of the project, are committed about it. Bolivia has already paid $351 million for the project. Russia’s Rusatom Overseas is in charge of the project.

Bolivia to hold new presidential election

Bolivia will hold a new presidential election on May 3 and political parties have until February 3 to present their candidates. The current elections will replace the one annulled last year amid allegations of fraud and forced the resignation of Evo Morales to the presidency.

Bolivia’s Central Bank has a new president

Bolivia’s President, Jeanine Añez, named economist Guillermo Aponte Reyes as interim president of Bolivia’s Central Bank (BCB) and also nominated four interim directors: Luis Armando Pinell Siles, Walter Morales Carrasco, Jose Gabriel Espinoza Yañez and Roger Alejandro Vargas Rivero. Aponte Pensions Superintendent during the second government of Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada.