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Information related to political affairs that have an impact on Bolivia’s economic development.

Daniel Zorrilla is appointed Deputy Minister of Strategic Planning

Daniel Zorrilla worked in the Roda Industrial Group in management positions. He was also Head of Negotiations at CONPROPET Ltda., Project Manager at Galindo Consulting Group, General Manager at Agropecuaria Acres del sud SA, was General Manager and Legal Representative of Akzonobel Corporation’s Coral Paint Factory. Recently he worked at Capital Drive SRL, as General Manager and Legal Representative, and in the present management, he was Chief of Staff to the Minister of Development Planning.

Jorge Zogbi is the new president of the Bolivian National Customs

Through Supreme Resolution 26781, the government on Monday appointed Jorge Zogbi as the new executive president of Bolivia’s National Customs Authority (ANB) to replace Waldo Ramos, who had been in office since July 28. Zogbi is a business administrator, with experience in the direction, planning and development of projects and senior management positions in institutions linked to the public sector, international cooperation and the private sector.

Amilcar Taboada takes over the board of YPFB Refining

Amilcar Taboada Arnold, with a broad trajectory in development, business and departmental management, was a member of the essential hydrocarbons commission of the pro-interest committee of Tarija. During this period necessary definitions were made in the national hydrocarbons policy and the vision of the sector, the new regulatory framework was defined, where Tarija aimed at the export of gas with the Pacific LNG Project.

Fire in Concepción consumes 3,000 hectares and weather conditions make it difficult to control

A severe fire takes shape in the Copaibo Municipal Reserve and already mobilizes the brigades in that area near the town of Concepción. The flames have been burning for three days, and it seems that they will continue to advance because there is much wind and there will still be no rain in 10 days. The fire has already consumed some 3,000 hectares, and the causes are not known. As of this Thursday, the brigades will enter the site to evaluate the event.

Forest fire affects 1,700 hectares of Copaibo reserve in Chiquitanía

A forest fire that started on Sunday afternoon affected 1,700 hectares of the Copaibo municipal reserve, located in the municipality of Concepción, in the Chiquitanía, reported the Secretary of the Environment of the Government, Cinthia Asin. The fire emerged after almost a week of controlling and extinguishing the fires that affected other protected areas in the municipalities of Puerto Suarez, Puerto Quijarro and San Matías. According to the report of the Forest Fire Early Warning System (Satif), so far this month 3,093 fires have been registered.

New Vice-Minister of mining policy, regulation and control

The Government today appointed Marcelo Tellería as the new Vice Minister of Mining Policy, Supervision and Control with the primary objective of carrying out the reactivation of the sector. He is a leader of the industry and was the delegated insurance secretary of the Regional Federation of Mining Cooperatives of Northern La Paz (Fecoman). Tellería replaces the environmental engineer Keylor Enrique Vásquez Clavijo, who was in that portfolio since March 2020.

Government and Searpi sign agreement for $1.43 mn to reforest areas affected by fires

The Ministry of Environment and Water and the Service for Channelling the Piraí River (Searpi), depending on the Government of Santa Cruz, signed an agreement in which Bs 10 million ($1.43 mn) will allocate for the reforestation of 171,000 hectares that were affected by the fires. Bs 7 million ($1 mn) will be in charge of the Government and the remaining Bs 3 million ($431,034) will be paid by the Government of Santa Cruz, through Searpi.

In bonds alone, the government will spend more than $1 bn on the pandemic

With the imminent approval of a new bond – given that the Legislative Assembly recently approved a line of credit to finance it – the transitional government will have spent more than $1 bn on this type of benefit. Three bonds created during the health emergency, totalling $502.8 million. With the new benefit, approved by the Legislative Assembly, an additional $550 million will be spent.