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Information related to political affairs that have an impact on Bolivia’s economic development.

Government appoints new Minister of Economy

President Jeanine Añez appointed former Senator Óscar Ortiz as the new Minister of Economy. Ortiz, who was the Development Minister, replaces Jose Luis Parada, who was appointed on Nov. 13, 2019. Ortiz explained that his main tasks in office will be to maintain economic stability and create jobs.

Bolivian Economic Parliamentary Commision rejects $327Mln IMF loan

A congressional committee in Bolivia rejected the $327 million IMF loan to fight COVID-19. The Planning Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, controlled by MAS (Movement for Socialism) lawmakers loyal to ousted president Evo Morales, unanimously rejected the deal on grounds of lack of proper documentation from the IMF. The interim government denounced the Parliament’s rejection of the loan, which was to be repaid over five years at a one percent interest, calling it a political rather than an economic decision.

Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant in El Alto will cost $14.8 mn

The construction project of the Tacachira Wastewater Treatment Plant, in the 7th district of El Alto, will have an investment of Bs. 103.1 million ($14.8 mn), of which CAF finances bs 78.9 million ($11.37 mn), the participation of the Municipal Government of El Alto will be of Bs 23 million ($3.3 mn), and the state water company EPSAS will contribute Bs1.2 million ($172,414).