Government authorises company to enter protected area for mineral extraction

The National Service of Protected Areas (Sernap), authorised the entry of the mining company Mincruz S.R.L., into the Santo Corazón region, in the middle of the Chiquitano Dry Forest and on the road that crosses the Tucabaca Valley, to carry out the clearing for the exploitation of minerals. The authorisation form states that the firm must submit a copy of the results of the work carried out to Sernap and to the management of the Protected Area.

Government launches $132.26 mn trust fund to reactivate industry

The government is channelling loans for micro, small and large enterprises, ranging from BS250,000 ($36,295.68) to BS5,000,000 ($725,913.50) at an interest rate of 0.5% to reactivate and boost national production. The resources correspond to two trusts with Bs911 million ($132.26 million), which will be made available through the Banco Unión and the Banco de Desarrollo Productivo (BDP).

Bolivia Once Again Beat its Daily Record of COVID-19 Infections With 2,655 Confirmed Cases

Bolivia has been going through the second wave of infections from the new coronavirus since the end of last year, with more than 2,000 cases a day, something that had not happened since July and August, even exceeding that first stage. The latest data from the Ministry of Health show 2,655 new infections, which raises 193,745 confirmed cases with a curve that shows a marked rise in positives for days in this country, of about eleven and a half million inhabitants.

Due to Covid-19, life insurance triples, limiting underwriters

Faced with the effects of Covid-19, insurance companies are limiting underwriting and applying greater rigour in the sale of life insurance. In a scenario marked by many deaths, the value of premiums in some cases tripled. The National Tax Service (SIN) issued a regulation increasing the Corporate Income Tax (IUE) from 25 to 50 per cent for companies in the financial sector.

Between 15% and 100% of AFP’s contributions may be withdrawn

A bill to return contributions of the Pension Fund Administrators (AFP), allows withdrawal of funds in a maximum range of 15% to 100%; but establishes exclusions for six groups, including those who are working in the public or private sector and those who have accumulated more than 100,000 bolivianos ($14,347). The bill is in the Legislative Assembly for debate and analysis.

After protests, the Government instructed a six month pause for loans payments, both capital and interest

After two days of protests from the transport sector, which demanded the extension of the deferment of bank loans, the Government ordered the freezing of the payment of capital and interest for a period of six months of grace. The measure was questioned by Bolivia's Association of Private Banks (Asoban), which claims that it weakens the chain of payments and risks a financial crisis.