Marcelo Gonzales appointed President of YLB with the challenge of industrialise Bolivia’s lithium

Marcelo Gabino Gonzales Saique appointed on Monday as the new executive president of Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos (YLB). He will have the mission of reactivating the process of industrialization of lithium, which has not taken off for 13 years in the country. Marcelo Gonzales has extensive experience in the area and YLB.

The government will invest $3.73mn in three basin and water resource management projects

With an investment of over Bs 26 million ($3.73 mn), three water resource management and integrated basin management projects will reactivate in the department of Tarija: Forestation of the Miscas district - Juntas del Rosario Camacho basin; Forestation and reforestation of the micro-basin at the Bermejo river; and Forestation and reforestation of the Guadalquivir river.