Grain production in Santa Cruz fell by 5% and sales by 15%

Production of soybeans, maize, sunflower wheat, chia and sage fell by 5% in 2019, said Bolivia’s grain association (Anapo). Anapo’s presidente, Miguel Pantoja, said that the production generated $985 million, 15% lower than 2018. Stagnant production surface, lack of policies to solve existing structural problems, and low international prices are some of the factors that affected the sector.

President of CNDA says trade was down by $1.5 bn

The president of the National Chamber of Customs Brokers (CNDA), Antonio Rocha, mentioned that the annual movement for exports and imports is at least 20 billion dollars, and this year there will be a direct impact of approximately 1.5 billion , that is, 7.5 percent. Read more Source: Los […]

Moody’s: Political risk and weak growth will affect Bolivian banking

On Bolivia, Moody’s reported : GDP growth will slow due to increased political risks. Fiscal deficit and foreign exchange buffers may continue to deteriorate as budgetary and current account deficits remain large. This situation, in turn, will affect banks’ business prospects and put pressure on the risk of their assets and financing and liquidity profiles. The rating agency noted that loan mandates and interest rate limits would limit the ability of financial institutions to set risk prices appropriately.

Bolivia's 2020 budget includes $5.2bn in public investment

Public investment in 2020 will reach $5.2 billion, according to the 2020’s budget, which is being analysed by the Congress. According to the budget, $4.4 billion will come from direct State investment and $823 from the State-owned companies. 67% will be financed by internal resources and 33% by external resources.