Russia and Sigma to supply Avifavir to 7 Latin American countries

The Russian Direct Investment Fund announced on Monday that an exclusive agreement has been signed with the Cochabamba company Sigma, to supply the Covid-19 drug called Avifavir, to Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay and Uruguay. At least 150,000 packs of Avifavir will be exported. In addition, Russia transferred the technology for producing the final dose to its partner in Bolivia.

Recovery plan for areas affected by fires has a fund of $172.41 mn

Recovering ecosystems affected by fires, caring for the livelihoods and productive approach of local populations, promoting culture and tourism, risk prevention and management and governance are the five axes that the Government of Santa Cruz has included in the Plan for the Recovery of Areas Affected by Fires in the Department. The central government plans to invest a fund of Bs 1.2 billion, which will mainly benefit 83 development projects linked to the above axes.

YPFB loses $5.34 million per month with eighth gas sale addendum with Petrobras

After the signing of the eighth addendum to the natural gas purchase agreement signed between YPFB and Petrobras, the Bolivian state oil company had stopped receiving monthly payments of $5.34 million for transporting the energy between the Rio Grande and Puerto Suarez (Mutun), on the border with Brazil, a cost that before the signing of the new agreement was paid by the Brazilian oil company. In 142 days, from March 11 to July 31, the Bolivian state oil company has already lost $25.3 million. Until the end of the year, the economic impact would be about $52.5 million.

Real estate: cost of rentals lowers by up to 30% and for sales by 10%

After a few weeks without activity due to the quarantine, the real estate market in Santa Cruz resumed its operations with specific changes. There was a drop of up to 30% in the value of rentals compared to the months before the confinement. Last year the average price of the houses sold in Santa Cruz was $155,000. Currently, the average value of the properties is $132,000, a drop in prices of just over 10%.

Agro-industrial company Totaí Citrus reduces operations and fires 143 employees

After almost 20 years of activity, the agricultural company Totaí Citrus, exporter of natural lemons and derivatives, decided to suspend its industrialization activities and to eliminate 145 positions from a total of 237 workers. Of the approximately 50,000 tons of annual lemon production, the company, based in Santa Cruz, exported 95% to markets in Europe and Asia, in oil, concentrated juice, peel and fresh fruit. Only the remaining 5% destined for domestic consumption of fresh fruit.

Fires can’t be controlled in Tunari Park and are devastating more than a thousand hectares

Between yesterday and today, six hot spots recorded in different parts of Tunari Park. Yesterday, more than a thousand hectares consumed in the protected area. Today, the fires occurred in the municipality of Tiquipaya and are uncontrolled. Fires are recurrent at this time of year because many people burn to prepare the land and plant crops, but they do not control the blaze, and the wind exceeds all human possibilities.