Fire in Otuquis National Park causes loss of 40,000 ha

The government announced the application of an “iron fist” against the perpetrators of the forest fire to prevent the country from continuing to lose more forest areas. The blaze already controlled in the National Park and Natural Area of Integrated Management Otuquis, caused the loss of about 40,000 hectares, while in San Matías it is estimated about 20,000 hectares, this due to the difficulties to enter the affected area. The government is taking steps with international cooperation agencies to access external funds, promote economic development and raise awareness of the need to conserve the forest.

Illegal production of coca leaves increased by 27%

According to the latest report presented by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), total coca leaf production increased from 41,600 tons in 2018 to 46,100 tons in 2019, an increase of 11%. In 2018, some 17,422 tons of coca leaf did not pass through any of the authorized markets. In 2019, the amount that did not pass through these legal trading points rose to 22,223 tons, representing an increase of 27%.

Only 27% of construction companies renewed their trade registration

Only 27% of the country’s construction companies renewed their business registration, amid a crisis in the sector caused by the Government’s failure to pay payrolls, which amount to nearly Bs 2.5 billion ($359.19 mn). The failure to update the trade register may be the result of the closure or paralysis of companies since the lack of updated documentation prevents them from continuing to develop their commercial activities in the sector.

Loan rescheduling in the banking sector increased by 51.2%

According to data from the Financial System Regulatory Authority (ASFI), as of May this year, the financial system was reprogrammed with Bs 5.8 billion ($834 mn), almost double the amount readjusted in 2019. The growth occurs in challenging context due to the health emergency that the country is experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic, in which the Legislative Assembly approved bill 720/2019 for the automatic deferral of credit payments to banks until December 31 this year.