Peru suspends imports of agricultural products from Bolivia, affecting 70% of agro-industrial exports

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru, through the National Service of Agrarian Health (Senasa), decided to suspend the issuance of sanitary and phytosanitary permits for the import and international transit of products of plant and animal origin from Bolivia. The measure taken by Senasa is because there is a breach of an agreement in Bolivia (Senasag), since the beginning of 2020 to allow the entry of potatoes and onions to the Bolivian market and as a retaliation measure Peru prohibits the transit of national products to this market. Between 2010 and 2019, Bolivia exported more than 8.5 million tons to Peru for a value of $4.37 billion. The oilseed complex represented 70% of the exports to the neighbouring country in that period.

Daniel Zorrilla is appointed Deputy Minister of Strategic Planning

Daniel Zorrilla worked in the Roda Industrial Group in management positions. He was also Head of Negotiations at CONPROPET Ltda., Project Manager at Galindo Consulting Group, General Manager at Agropecuaria Acres del sud SA, was General Manager and Legal Representative of Akzonobel Corporation’s Coral Paint Factory. Recently he worked at Capital Drive SRL, as General Manager and Legal Representative, and in the present management, he was Chief of Staff to the Minister of Development Planning.

Entel will install 500 WiFi points in urban and rural municipalities for free internet access

The state-owned telephone company Entel will install, in the coming months, 500 WiFi points in urban and rural municipalities so that inhabitants can access the Internet service free of charge. It improves coverage capacity through the connection to the international fibre optic network of the Pacific Ocean, which inaugurated on September 4. The municipal authorities only have to offer a safe place for the WiFi antenna.

Entel announces $150 million savings

The Government invited this Monday the different operators to join the own optical fibre network that the country acquired to improve the connection to the internet. The previous week, the country connected to its fibre optic cable to the Pacific Ocean. With this, the State foresees to save […]

Cumulative inflation reaches 1.47% in August

Accumulated inflation for August 2020 amounts to 1.47%, the increase in prices of food, beverages and medicines affected the Consumer Price Index (CPI). La Paz and Oruro were the most inflationary cities due to the problems generated by the blockades and the least affected by the price increase were Cobija and Santa Cruz. According to the report of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the CPI registered a positive percentage variation of 0.54% concerning July, and in twelve months it reached 1.39%.

The internal debt of the TGN increased by 48.04% and reached 18.7% of the GDP

The internal debt service of the National Treasury (TGN), until June, increased by 48.04% concerning the same period in 2019. Up to June, the internal debt of the TGN reached Bs 56.24 billion ($ 8.07 bn), 18.7% of the GDP, which amounts to 43 billion dollars. This type of debt corresponds to the resources that the Executive Branch lends itself from internal sources: public and private, to sustain investment policies and the expenditures of the state apparatus.

Nuevatel enters the Stock Market with issues for $24 mn

BDP Sociedad de Titularización S.A. issued the NUEVATEL Securitization Securities – BDP ST 049 for an amount of $24.1 million, of which $19.4 million purchased during the first day of placement. NUEVATEL PCS of Bolivia is the youngest company among the telecommunications operators of the country; the process consisted in replacing liabilities and allocating those resources to an investment project projected by NUEVATEL for the technological strengthening of the company, the development of fixed and mobile networks and the improvement of its financial position.