Beef exports will allow to level trade balance with China

 Bolivia yesterday provided China with a health protocol for the export of its beef that will allow it to level its trade balance with the Asian country and to maintain its projections of regional economic growth. President Evo Morales, together with the president of the Federation of Cattlemen of Santa Cruz (Fegasacruz), Ciro Pereyra, presented the ambassador of China to Bolivia, Liang Yu, the document in an event held at the Santa Cruz Exhibition Fair.

US expands import quota of Bolivian sugar

The US will expand the import quota of sugar from Bolivia by 1,239 metric tons so that the country will now be able to sell 9,663 tons of raw cane sweetener to the country’s marketa.  In January 2018, the Government authorized the free export of sugar and its derivatives. After being stagnant by a lustre, in August of that year the export of raw sugar to the North American market resumed and the the value reached $4.5 million. Bolivia had not used its quota for more than seven years, until September 2018, when it exported 7,500 TM.

ENTEL plans to offer cheaper internet and mobile with fibre optic through Peru

The manager of the National Telecommunications Company (Entel), Mauricio Altovez, announced that it is expected to lower internet and mobile tariffs in a “substantial” way from September of this year, by using fibre optics through Peruvian territory.  Entel’s manager explained that having a sovereign fibre optic over stake will allow the state-owned company to negotiate directly with international operators to purchase internet services, which will have an impact on a fee reduction in favour of its users in the country.

Santa Cruz deforested more than one million hectares, 64% illegally

 Since 2012, Santa Cruz has deforested 1,070,151 hectares of forest, according to data from the Forest and Land Social Control and Control Authority (ABT). Records show that 64% of that clearing -691,701 hetares- was made illegally. The figure corresponds to five years of clearing for the expansion of agricultural and livestock activity. The expansion of the urban spot is another cause for indiscriminate felling.

International reserves increased to $8.3 bn thanks to Brazil’s payment for gas

Bolivia’s international reserves grew to $8.3 billion thanks to Brazil’s $55 million payment for the concept of gas sales, report Bolivia’s Central Bank (BCB). BCB’s president, Pablo Ramos, said that the country’s net international reserves are largely nourished by natural gas exports, but also from other sectors, such as gold, whose price recorded an increase in the international market.